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indigo:inc 7 | video edition available now at zero"! vinyl available at hardwax, the first 100 copies contain a dvd with the video "zimt" by c++. the videos for ii7 were created by: c++ (selenga), jade (phoca sibirica) and luX (angara). physical distribution through hard wax berlin, digital through zero".

there is a nice review in de:bug magazine! and here some dj feedback.

back catalogue is available at hard wax berlin (ii4 sold out), mp3s at zero".






rel. date

ii 7 ii 7 electric indigo siberia ep
A: selenga ogg
B1: angara ogg
B2: phoca sibirica ogg
oct. 2009 details
ii 6 ii 6 electric indigo gorodok / fly like
A: gorodok [2007] mp3
B: fly like [2006] mp3
ii 5 ii 5 electric indigo six-trak reworks 2
A: blackcurrant / thomas brinkmann rework mp3
B1: the puzzle / miss kittin rmx mp3
B2: traum / steril & acid maria rmx mp3
dec. 2004 details
ii 4 ii 4 electric indigo six-trak reworks 1
A: going for a walk / toktok rmx mp3
B1: beautiful angelica / reinhard voigt rmx mp3
B2: jennifer cardini feat. 22crew: going for sex mp3
nov. 2004 details
ii 1 ii 3 microthol sexy lady ep
A1: sexy lady mp3
A2: u don't want to try this mp3
B: sexy lady / electric indigo rmx mp3
june 2004 details
ii 1 ii 2 electric indigo six-trak ep 2
A: the puzzle mp3
B1: blackcurrant mp3
B2: going for a walk [feat. barca baxant] mp3
nov. 2003 details
ii 1 ii 1 electric indigo six-trak ep 1
A: dirty floor [feat. barca baxant] mp3
B1: beautiful angelica mp3
B2: traum mp3
oct. 2003 details

ii7 pre-mastered by

ii1 to ii7 mastered by cgb at dubplates & mastering.


indigo:inc recordings catalogue (except ii4 six-trak reworks 1) is available at hard wax berlin:

hard wax
paul-lincke-ufer 44a
10999 berlin

tel: +49 30 611301 11
fax: +49 30 611301 99


all releases are available at zero inch:



indigo:inc has been a provider for multi-media presentations and extended party experiences since 1998. indigo:inc procures the international database for female djs, producers and visual artists female:pressure. please find out more about indigo:inc activities before summer 2003.


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