indigo:inc can be considered a server for multi-media events and extended party experiences. the driving force behind it is dj electric indigo.


indigo:inc imported a whole club from berlin, germany to vienna, austria: hard:edged took place in november 98 at the flex in vienna. it featured advanced drum n bass music as well as live video mixing and installations by the berlin formation visomat:inc. in october both 1999 and 2000, indigo:inc. provided the parties within the scope of the big brother awards austria and has had major influence on female:pressure-parties in austria, germany and the USA.


1999 and early 2000 indigo:inc provided two shows on TIV, an alternative cable station in vienna, austria: "indigo encounters" proved how international djs can relax on plastic grass, playing one of their favorite records... whereas "TIVIT" was a weekly one hour information program about IT, software developments, technical innovations, open source, privacy and related civil rights.


indigo:inc. appears frequently on air. mostly with electric indigo dj-sets but also with readings and interviews.


indigo:inc's most important web-output is female:pressure, an international database for female djs, producers and visual artists who work within the electronic music scene, that can be searched by different criteria like artists' names, styles, residencies and professions.


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