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Siberia EP

After a break of almost 5 years Electric Indigo continues her label indigo:inc recordings with the release of number 7: Siberia EP. The tracks Phoca Sibircia, Angara and Selenga are a tribute to the amazingly beautiful nature around the Lake Baikal in Siberia. Physical distribution of rubber-stamped vinyl 12" through Hard Wax Berlin, digitally available at zero": from mid october on.

Other current Electric Indigo releases and activities:

Joseph Haydn - Winter / Electric Indigo Flachs Dub [Universal Austria]
Electric Indigo & irradiation - We Want You [Elektro Gönner Compilation]
Beroshima - Moonraker / Electric Indigo Remix [Müller]
Electric Indigo & Chez Debs - Dig Me Out []

"female:pressure in japan" tour with irradiation, c++, jade, DJ Mayuri, DJ Mieko, DJ Kaori, Etsu, Sakota Haruka:
Oct 23 Akaso, Osaka, Oct 24 Amate-Raxi, Tokyo, Oct 31 Nekketsu Shakojo, Okinawa

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Gorodok and Fly Like were never released on indigo:inc but Gorodok came out digitally on Athletikk - Transformers compilation.

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Here comes the second part of reworks that Electric Indigošs friends in electronic music made from the tunes of Six-Trak EPs 1 & 2.

The master of throbbing techno-funk, Thomas Brinkmann, delivered a most intense 7 minutes rework of "Blackcurrant" weaving the original track into his music that this time sounds like a fierce jam session, making elements drift within the flow and thus creating his own specific kind of magnetism.

Miss Kittin herself turned "The Puzzle" into a rough and stomping beast featuring mesmeric qualities and an undeniable Detroit influence - remember jit? In this (her second) remix Caro makes clear where she comes from: techno as the boldest musical style that relentlessly pulls you on the dancefloor.

Finally, to close the circle of Six-Trak Reworks, it's Acid Maria's turn - Indigo's favorite dj-partner. She chose to work with Steril and they team up as Schönholz to produce a resilient electro remix of "Traum". Miezi enriches this vigorous track with French vocals and shows her love for oldschool 808 cowbells...

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A year after the first release on indigo:inc recordings Electric Indigo happily presents part 1 of the reworks/remixes dear members of her techno-family created using the tunes of Six-Trak EPs 1 & 2.

In Berlin, TokTok's Nerk remixed "Going For A Walk", her most song-like title so far taken from Six-Trak EP 2 featuring singer Barca Baxant - an absorbing production of massive Chicago-style techno with a conspicuous quantum of shufflefunk & soul.

Reinhard Voigt, one of Kompakt's central characters, delivered a banging, straight forward, version of "Beautiful Angelica" - the original taken from Six-Trak EP 1. He knew the track is dedicated to Acid Maria and took delight in gonzo harmonies and his typical snapping sounds on the 2s and 4s.

Indigo's long-term friend and colleague Jennifer Cardini from Paris went to the south of France to hook up with the 22Crew and came back with a reinterpretation of "Going For A Walk". The song turns into "Going For Sex" - a bouncy electro track featuring Jennifer's enchanting vocals and plenty of emotions.

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Microthol are two of Vienna's finest talents in electronic music: Philipp Haffner & Constantin Zeileissen who both come from the trust orbit, the one and only Viennese electro label. Their track "Sexy Lady" - rough and Chicago acid influenced in an uninhibited old-school way - fascinated Electric Indigo immediately when she heard it in their studio: This would make her dance and smile! indigo:inc 3 features the original version and her remix on the B-side. The A2 track "U Don't Want To Try This" is written and produced by Philipp Haffner as a show-soundtrack for one of Vienna's most creative fashion designers: Petar Petrov.

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indigo:inc 2 presents you the sequel of Electric Indigo's solo versions of Colophony Circuit material: Six-Trak EP 2, this time featuring Barca Baxant's voice in the more song-like "Going For A Walk", originally dedicated to Indigo's niece Cosima, who was - a couple of weeks old - present during the creation of this tune. "The Puzzle" and "Blackcurrant" though, are intriguing techno instrumentals of true Indigo style.

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The first two releases on indigo:inc recordings are documents of the way Electric Indigo creates music in order to play live with Colophony Circuit, her "band" consisting of e-violinist Mia Zabelka, guest-singer Barca Baxant and herself. These concerts take place mostly in and near Vienna, Austria, where she lives, due to the amount of equipment required. [There is also the powerbook-Electric-Indigo-plays-live option, but that's another story.] In contrast to the actual live performance of Colophony Circuit, the tracks you will find on Six-Trak EP 1 and 2 are her solo versions of the existing material, modified to meet her parameters of techno music. As her friends and fans know, Indigo's interpretation of techno has always been comprehensive - you will be taken by surprise, maybe even slightly irritated at some points. That's what she thinks "techno" stands for!